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My Fiverr Account Hacked

Dear All,

My fiverr account was hacked by someone. He had changed the paypal address of the fiverr account and had withdrawn money.

I complained to the Customer Support about this. Then the CS changed the email address of the fiverr account.

But again it was hacked, the hacker changed the paypal address and withdraw money again.

Then I complained again to the CS. The CS detached my facebook account attached to the fiverr account, changed both fiverr email address and paypal email address.

But now my account was hacked again, the hacker has changed paypal address attached to fiverr account and has withdrawn money.

Problem is that the new fiverr email address and the new paypal email address were created by me couple of hours ago for this purpose only and there is no way that someone get to know about those details.

Other problem is that when the hacker changed the paypal address, my email address attached to the fiverr account should receive an email to confirm it. But I can’t find any such email.

After trying several occasions now I feel helpless and forced to abandon my Level 2 fiverr account. Could you guys please help to find what went wrong?



this is really scary. I think we all should be more careful about account security and connecting Fiverr to Facebook

oohh my good

did you use shared computer or you use save my password option in web browser.

please think about that .

I think You a computer has keylogger.Scan the pc

ouch, trojan virus or something?? 3rd party software, thats scary… better reformat your pc or change password…

Thank you all for the support. I could fix the problem by formatting my hard disk and reinstalling the operating system.

  1. Change your email password.

  2. Delete your browser cache and cookies

  3. Please reinstall your windows for a fresh start. format the C drive when you reinstall the windows.

Now I also faceing this same issue… What shuld I do now?

Hello people,

I was also hacked. I hope I can get my money back (192$). I was connected with Facebook account and I could log in from my facebook account. Please watch for scams. Although I am a programmer, I got scammed because I was in a hurry. One guy sent me a link ( domain and interface) but It was a subdomain of some website and it was HTTP instead of fiverr’s HTTPS. I found out his name, phone number, address, contacted payoneer (because he withdrew money on fiverr revenue card since I did not have any, he created one). I contacted customer support as well and I hope they sort it out and I receive my money back. If you see any links like this, DO NOT GO TO THEM !!!

As you can see, it has “” but it is a subdomain of

This is what the man told me (he deleted the conversation in fiverr but I have the yahoo mail notification):

" Hey. Can you work on a predesigned logo? We wanna make some changes on the logo. We want to interchange the position of some elements on the initial design. Please let us know quickly if you can do this, because we need this work done urgently. Also, please be honest about it. However, we had formally given this job to a highly rated seller on this gig: , but we are not contented with the job done. That’s why we decided to buy a relatively new gig. Please check it and let us know if you can do something better than it."

Just be careful guys, so you do not get scammed !

Thank you,


Reply to @skyper96: create your own thread. don’t hijack someone else’s thread. Thanks.

Reply to @skyper96: Thank you for the warning! And I really am sorry about your experience!

Reply to @madhurab: #kjblynx just told you everything you need to know(and I know she’s right because the same thing happened to me and I used exactly those programs she recommends). Only I also wiped my OS because of…paranoia:)

feel free and contect me on this email i can help you anything Thanks

Hello, I had the same problem,but fiverr just ignore my emails and blocked account I had used to contact them. Thi is crazy! I told them I had 50 dollars on my account, but they said there is no money on my account. I asked them to change the email I used to create the account and afterwards - no reply form Fiverr…


My account was also hacked 4 months back and withdraw all of my balance. But I created new one and I am using it.

my account is hacked
the hacker tyring to cancel all my gigs and asking for refunds and stuff!!

customer support is too slow to help

I will never come back to - fiver’s security is pathetic.