My fiverr account has banned


My one client ask me my living address then he send one doc in which he wrote "Can we talk on other platform " .Then I send my email to him after 15 minute my has blocked now what is solution ? Can be my account reopen/unbanned ? If yes then how can I contact with fiverr?


Never share your personal contact with buyer.

Many buyer’s ask me same thing, But i always say no and ask them to contact only on Fiverr.

And for solution try to contact Fiverr Team. Hope they will help you.

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I have 270 reviews on this account


It is against Fiverr’s terms of service to share your contact details. You broke the rules, there’s no way back.


I know It is against Fiverr’s terms of service But Now I need solution not terms and conditions.


You broke the rules with intent to make business outside of the platform. There’s no going back from that, you’re not getting your account back.


Sorry this happened to you but why did you do this? It’s your own fault and I doubt if fiverr will restore your account.


you knew what you were doing. Don’t forget to close the door on the way out.


Probably can’t do much. I would have never given anyone my address either.


You can try contacting Customer Support and asking them for help, but since you knowingly broke the rules, I doubt that they would be willing to restore your account.


Did you have 2 accounts as well?

The account you’re posting from is live, and you’ve got 2 gigs up with reviews on as well.

There may be more to this than you’re letting on…?

Here’s the ToS for your perusal:


I’m afraid that your help won’t be appreciated:


You could be right! :smile_cat:


I did the same mistake on Upwork that is why I am very careful now. As for my experience if you try to do business with a client outside your account will never be restored. It’s just a matter of learning from our mistakes.


I think many here gave a good advice, but I see others, with unnecessary sarcasm, for example, there was no need for this comment

This person might have done what they did out of ignorance of rules or intentionally, and we do not know which is which. I have been asked my address, and I never give it out simply because for my own protection, I do not see why would a client want my address when they can contact me on Fiverr, but some of us might naively give away their contacts just because a client asked for it, thinking that will build trust between them and the client. Although rules are clear and straightforward, I see some sellers from certain countries do have several accounts, and actually, think it is ok and genuinely think they are not doing anything wrong. It is an annoying thing but it a fact. I hope the poster if he or she made an honest mistake, she or he will get it back their account, and if she or he did it thinking they can outsmart the system and rules mean nothing, then this could be a good lesson for them that rules are made to protect all parties and one must respect them.


Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law, or indeed Fiverr’s ToS.

The OP admitted they gave out contact information, and it seems as if they have 2 accounts.

Defending those who break the rules, and don’t seem to care about it, is a bit of a slap in the face for the rest of us who do stick to the rules.

There was no unnecessary sarcasm, just genuine feelings from forum users who don’t like to see the rules being broken.


there was every need. the person stated this.

“I know It is against Fiverr’s terms of service But Now I need solution not terms and conditions”

he know what he was doing and is just sorry because he got caught. Read what he wrote.



Sorry - no hearts left again!


Actually, sarcasm is helpful, as a way of showing not just the OP, but everyone else reading this topic, that those who break the rules (especially if they do it knowingly) are not welcome here.


I read, but I guess we look at it from different angles, I interpreted his/her words as “ok now I know, what is the solution” but you right too, it might as well mean they knew but choose to ignore it and got caught.