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My fiverr account has been disabled


I just got a mail that my fiverr account has been disabled, I’ve contacted customer support 4 hours ago but din’t get any reply.

Condition of my fiverr account

I had 40+ orders in queue worth of 6000$+

and 2000$+ pending clearance including 1900$ in account.

I don’t know whats the reason. I had 4.9 ranking with highly ranked GIGs

Fiverr really does such thing with their potential sellers?

Any feedback or expert opinion about this?




Only Customer Support can let you know about your particular case.


Oh geez! That’s terrible. May I ask what your gig was about?

BTW, I hope you already contacted customer support to ask why and what?

I know it’s upsetting, but remember to take a breath. They have been known to make mistakes and restore accounts. I’m not saying that’s what will happen here, since I don’t know the circumstances.




Hi there,

Your account has been permanently disabled due to buyer complaints of poor services and deliveries. We have received several complaints from your previous buyers regarding the performance of your services on Fiverr. After further review of your previous orders and account history, your account has been permanently disabled.

All sellers are expected to deliver on time and to demonstrate the quality of services offered on Fiverr. Falsely marking an order as Delivered without completing the work promised in your Gig is not permitted on Fiverr. We cannot allow sellers on our marketplace who offer such poor experiences for buyers.

If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you.

As far i remember, 1 buyer could do such type of thing / report about me to Fiverr (he was wrong, anyways profile has been disabled & i don’t have to do anything with him) but 480 satisfied customers VS 1 bad experience can suspend a 4.9 star profile with 10K$+ balance?

Its a surprising thing. WOW

Atleast i should deserve a warning. People say that fiverr do care about Buyers, i had more than 480 satisfied clients and more than 40 projects were in Queue (40 best clients) and i was currently working on that.

Fiverr just took action for one client and leaving 40 clients behind?

Lots of clients are stalking, sending me friend requests on Facebook / twitter and still want to work with me even outside of fiverr saying “Why did they ban you!!!”

I din’t really want those clients to send me money via other sources even i personally took my native good clients on fiverr so i can make my portfolio better.

At the end Fiverr disappointed. Still no worries!!

Now i just have one question. Will fiverr pay me the money which was in pending clearance? or will that also be transferred to the buyers account. And what for those i’ve delivered the project & uploaded files to their own servers.

Can anybody please guide me about this?


You have received the answer to that:

As for the ban, how often did you mark the order as delivered without delivering the final product? Because that seems to be the reason.


I don’t do this :slight_smile:

But yes sometime it is necessary thing when you’re working on a project cost more than 500$ and buyer isn’t responding you for further collaboration. If you make an extension to order so buyer will be back and continue the collaboration but at the same time Fiverr warns, if buyer din’t replied the extension dispute, the order will be cancelled.

Howcome would you let the order cancel on which you’ve spent nights and days.

In this situation, delivering the order is the best thing with a note that we’ll be continuing the order when you’ll be back.


Oh that’s really sad news Don’t worry take a deep breadth if you are right then fiverr really help you


This is really sad and shocking! Fiverr should always review sellers past history and feedback. Permanently disabling of a seller account with nearly 500 sales with 4.9 rating for couple of buyer’s complaints is disheartening.

Just keep trying with CS, this is the only way I think.


That’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. As stated in the ToS, if you do this a few times, you can get banned.

In a situation like that (unresponsive buyer, but you don’t want to cancel because you’ve already worked on the order), the best thing is to contact CS, tell them what’s going on, and ask them for advice. That way, you do what they tell you, and can prove that you did what CS told you to do.


Yes maybe thats the issue he got banned! fiverr DO care of sellers but sellers need be PROFESSIONAL WITH THEIR BUYERS! Do not ever mark order as delivered without A real delivery!!

this seller (Abdul) has been violation fiverr TOS! by making order as delivered without any products and thats the real reason he got banned. you have to explain yourself of what you just did, fiverr don’t put down any sellers!


Fiverr need to warn people’s befor permanent deactivation on their account.


Sometimes they warn them, sometimes they don’t. It’s up to them whether they warn people or not, and it’s up to people to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service and avoid violating them.


Technically, they do warn people. It’s called the “Terms of Service”, and it’s linked at the bottom of every page on Fiverr. :wink:


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Do you want to get banned? Because that’s exactly how you get banned.


I doubt it.

You do not get to keep the money if you don’t or can’t deliver the finished order.


if you get 5000$ project and final change remaining. Client isn’t responding you for some reasons. Extension will lead to cancel your order. Making it late will destroy your ranking.

what would be your step?

The same as i did. !!!


No I wouldn’t do it the same as you did!

So you think you get to keep their money even though you can’t deliver the order… no wonder you got banned.


I do understand your upset - the practice of delivering a gig that you were almost finished but needed more info on actually used to be encouraged by CS. When I first started here, they did say to deliver almost completed orders instead of going late.
However, at some point it became something which was not allowed and Fiverr introduced extensions to enable people to avoid needing to deliver empty. If you dispute and someone does not respond, cancel the dispute and create a new one - it seems a fairly simple idea.

CS received “several complaints and reviewed your previous orders” before making their decision.


Banning an account simply because the seller marks ‘near complete’ orders as delivered seems pretty harsh!

@abdulwahhabjutt, did you ever mark an incomplete order as delivered and then refused to work further once the order had been auto-closed by the system?

Or, did you ever deliver even before beginning the work? (Perhaps having had to handle multiple orders.)

These are the only circumstances I can imagine why a buyer would run for support and Fiverr would take the extreme step of banning an account.