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My Fiverr account has been hacked. Now I can't to log in to it

I joined fiverr 2 month ago. I was doing well till day before yesterday. I’ve done 120+ for this two month. I was trying to deliver one of my completed order when this happened. Suddenly fiverr asked me to log-in to my account, when I try to so it say my password is wrong, but never change it (also I don’t forget my password or user name, every day I use it)

I’d got $500+ cleared funds on my account when I finally checked it. I’ve let know the fiverr CS as soon as this happened. They asked for some documents, I’ve sent them all, but I didn’t get a reply again.

My service was a express Gig, I’d got orders from my buyers. But I’m late for this orders now, they all’ll give me negative ratings if Fiverr SC don’t rescue my account soon.

(This is my new fiverr account. I created this after my 1st one got lost. I think it not illegal because I can only access to this one. Without this I can’t post this post on fiverr forum )

can you show some samples of that suspicious links? i believe they are most of the shorten links right?

Reply to @boltdesign: Thanks boltdesign for sharing your exprienc with me,

I didn’t get any suspicious messages form anyone just my buyers messages. Also I’ve contacted with the CS as soon as I could. and give my all details as they asked but they don’t let me know what I should do next. I’m really worried about this. :frowning:

Did you click a suspicious link that someone sent in your inbox? If you did, then you’ve been hacked and you should report it IMMEDIATELY to customer support so they can block your withdrawal option on your account. This happened to me about a month ago, and I contacted CS immediately so they blocked the withdrawal option, and thankfully nothing was taken. I just received a suspicious link in my inbox right now and I’m going to report it to customer support so they can remove the user, perhaps ban their IP address. Good luck!

Reply to @debbie_ph: Yes they’re shortened links, mostly those “” links, be sure not to click on any of them, even if they do not look suspicious. If you’re sure that they are safe, log out of all of your accounts and go on in-private browsing if you’re using internet explorer, or open a new incognito mode tab on google chrome, and look at it!

Reply to @best_illustrat: There must have been something you clicked, or, your password was too easy! Customer Support do take quite a while to reply, so just be patient, they’ll ask for some confidential info, such as an image of your passport, and a paypal ID number that links to your latest withdrawal through fiverr. They’ll explain everything there, for now just hope that you caught the hacker on their tracks! :slight_smile:

Someone also sent me a suspicious link yesterday. Account’s name is FRAGGLESROCK and they asked me to click this link “”. When I clicked it, it redirected me to a page asking me to sign in. I signed in, for it says that I will get a $100 before realizing that it may hack my account. So what I did, I immediately changed my fiverr password to prevent them from hacking my account. Fortunately, nothing bad happened to my account. Sharing this experience might help everyone. So, let us be extra careful all the time.

The account said is no longer available.

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