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My Fiverr Account has been restricted for more tham 16 days!

I created a gig for non copyright Forex indicators on Fiverr 16 days ago which caused my account to be flagged by some automated system. And since this was the third time my account recieved a flag. It got restricted and I was told that my Fiverr account would be reviewed but I didn’t receive any response within some days so I emailed them about this and the email was sent 16 days ago(means there were 12 working days) and unfortunately my account is still restricted.
And the bad thing is that my all gigs have been hidden, I cant send a message to anyone(sellers and my customers).
Any suggestions to contact the Fiverr team with some better response time? Since their email staff is having to deal with a high volume of queries I think.

Unfortunately, because of the influx of sellers on Fiverr since the pandemic began getting a response from Fiverr is taking a very long time.

I have read that once you have 3 flags you lose your account. However, do not start a new account without explicit approval from Fiverr CS.