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My fiverr account have a problem

I am always 24/7 hour in online.But my green Capture round symbol is become a silver color . :cry: what should I do now?
Can anyone please help me with of that?
my profile link :

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Why are you online 24/7? That’s impossible unless you’re pretending to be available when you aren’t.

But to answer your question - if you refresh the page it goes green again. Grey just means you’re inactive/offline.


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after every 3-4 min fiverr need refresh otherwise you will be offline.
but don’t use any auto refresh addon because its against of fiver t&c.

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I already refresh and refresh again .But it’s didn’t worked .It’s not going to become a green color.

I already tried but it’s not worked.

No problem, its sowing you are in online

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Try logging out and then back into the site.

But I didn’t find gig on search page.But I am already online.

I already tried markhallva but it’s not worked.

then clear your browser data. hope this will work.

If You Want You Chrome Extension - Super Refresh Plug. I think the Problem Will be solved. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Please stop recommending methods of misleading buyers.

The problem isn’t that they can’t refresh the page - it’s that their online symbol isn’t turning green. An auto refresher is not going to resolve that.

@abm_abdullah Since you liked that post - Do not do this. You can get in trouble for it.


i all ready do this, so what can i do now?

Stop before you get caught.

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I Can’t stop this, please give me another suggestions

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Uninstall the extension.

Either do that or stop asking for suggestions. I’m not going to tell you how to get away with being dishonest.