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My Fiverr Account is Dead

Hi, I am Neeraj Kumar and working on as a Photo Editor. 5 Months ago I became Level One Seller
I was feeling happy because I thought now I will get some more orders from customers. but from last 5 Month
I am going to delete my Fiverr account. Any Suggestion because 5 month is very long time.

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Did you do something to keep orders coming? What was your method before reaching Level One? Have you considered updating your gigs? Are you promoting your services on social media? Are you creating attractive offers to respond to buyers requests? There are many things you can do to save your account.


If everyone would just wait to get orders, most sellers would close their accounts - that’s because Fiverr does not guarantee you any sales, it’s YOU who has to do something to get sales, and there are many things you can do, but waiting for orders is not one of them!

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