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My Fiverr Account Is desirable. How can I get back my account?

My Fiverr account is disabled. I want to get back. How can it possible. Please help me?


We are not Fiverr Staff.
You need to contact Customer Support.

In the meantime, think long and hard how you got yourself in this :cucumber: pickle.
Own it and go from there.


I’m sure it is. But only to you.

My understanding, from other sellers that have had their accounts removed, is that they are usually gone for good. Those accounts – and yours too, apparently – were deleted because you broke Fiverr’s rules. Fiverr is not likely to reinstate an account that willingly broke their site rules. You can certainly contact Customer Support and ask for further clarification, but I think it’s a safe bet that your disabled account is gone… deleted, and it will be no more.

You are not entitled to site benefits when you break the site rules.

Get used to consequences. They happen to all of us, based upon the decisions we make. You appear to have made foolish choices, and Fiverr imposed an account ban as your consequence. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t repeat them.


Hello, you had gotten gigs removed like this one but apparently didn’t learn from that:


You also asked why your gigs were being removed:

catwriter even warned you back in December:

I see that you have created the Quora gig again; if you keep creating the same gig as the one that got deleted, you could get banned.

Once an account is removed it is not given back under these circumstances.