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My fiverr account is disable and not active

My Account is disabled and I don’t violate any term policy of Fiverr
I don’t invite any my client in email or personal link
so why Fiverr banned my account

Dear friend, you must contact ‘Help center’ and ask them to help you in continuing the journey of helping happy Fiverr’s buyers. Hope to see you back soon. Regards, Ali

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What did Fiverr say was the reason when they told you that they had disabled your account? They don’t just disable accounts for the fun of it. There is always a reason.


Not always dear, there may be a glitch. Hope @checkskills get back to the work. Regards

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First of all, please don’t call me, “dear”. Doing so is rude, and inappropriate. I am not your “dear”.

Second, the deletion of an account is not a glitch. Accounts don’t just randomly delete themselves. Fiverr deleted the account for a reason. Accounts deleted for violating the Terms of Service are usually gone for good.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Take it easy on him, Jon.

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thanks bro, restore my account successfully

Well noted “Sir”. I hope this will satisfy you. :grinning:

Not always “Sir”.

Welcome back dear brother :innocent:

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Maybe you create another account on fiverr. Fiverr not support multiple account. One person one account
Thnaks :slight_smile:

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It’s not about sir or something like that. You can just use the nickname, ‘You’ or nothing at all.

Using “buddy, man, dude, mate, bro” and other similar words is considered offhand and can be appropriate with your close friends, but not with strangers or (which is the worst case) with customers.


if he is not then we must teach them some basic rule I hope that’s the best
if we have knowledge then we must share with other

issue solved thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

OP’s account restored by Fiverr Support.