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My Fiverr account is disabled after ID verification

I moved from Iran to Canada 5 years ago and a couple days ago it asked for my ID verification so I showed my Iranian passport to verify my ID thinking it wouldn’t be a problem. My account was disabled almost instantly and I contacted Fiverr support but no one is responding even after 4 days. I can’t do another ID verification because my account is disabled but If I could, I would use my Canadian ID this time. Do I even have a chance of getting my account back?


No one here can help you get your account back, we are just buyers and sellers like you. You’ll have to wait to hear back from Customer Support, and it could take a few weeks.


Why does it takes weeks? It says the average response time for them to reply is 24 hours

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Due to the pandemic and the recent influx of new sellers Customer Support is extremely busy at present and can take up to 10 days or more to respond.

Hopefully you will get a reply sooner.


someone just told me that I should just make a new account and that there is no way my account will be reactivated again. Is it true or should I wait longer for a response