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My Fiverr account is disabled why?

Yesterday a mail comes to me that my Fiverr account is disabled why this happens…I don’t know I just started this account about 1 month ago. :sweat::sweat::sweat:


Read this…
Terms of Service

The “why” should be in the same letter you received.


I didn’t get you. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::thinking:

i think you did an illegal activity on the fiverr please read policies carefully

Can you share a screenshot of the letter you received?

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It means Email you received should have explained you “WHY” your account got disabled !
Did you ever try to share your personal contact information to buyer ?
Or if Buyer sent you, did you positively respond to it ?
This one most common reason among various !

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No man… today there is an another email I got’my account has been restored’:blush:…I don’t know what’s happening


Congratulation. Follow Fiverr TOS and you will never face any problem. If you face any problem just contact Fiverr support. Sometimes they may take additional time to reply but you will obviously receive solution of your problem.