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My Fiverr account is old, is it any problem to get my first order?

I created my account in 2017. But I wasn’t more experience about Fiverr. That’s why I didn’t use it. Now I am developing my skills and experience, And I published some gigs on that account. But I am not getting any order. That’s why, I’m confused about that is it any problem to get first order on my old account? Because there haven’t any reviews or completed any work before.

I read some article about this matter. But they worked before their account, some days was irregular. But my issue is I didn’t work before on my account.

Someone says to delete old account and create new. If I delete my old account and create new one, Can I do it from same PC or same internet connection?

I’m waiting for valuable advise.

Thank you.


If you are skilled enough and have created your gigs in a perfect way then there is no need to create a new account, buyers need services they do not bother when you have created your account.


Thank you so much. I was confused about that.

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its better to use the same old account. it will be plus point for you. when buyers will see you are on fiverr since 2017, they will treat u as most experienced person, who is here since many years.
so i suggest you to activate this Id and make your gigs updated


Thanks for your valuable advise. I was think that buyers can thought she is not skilled, that’s why she didn’t get any order yet. Now I feel relaxed and I will concentrate on my skill only. Thanks again.

be positive. you can do that. just make your gigs afresh. wish u best of luck

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Hi, i had the same fears as you once. I opened my account in Feb 2016, but didn’t create a gig or anything else till Aug 2019. If i had more information then, i would have created a new gig because i didn’t have the algorithm thing working in my favor as a newbie. When i was ready, fiverr thought i was old and treated me as much. At the same time, i don’t regret it. I’m gradually moving up the ladder, almost close to level 2.

I took a me while to get my first order and i got it from BR, even the next two following that was from BR- so you might wanna take BR more seriously. Few clients who contacted me directly were curious why i didn’t have any reviews even though my profile was since 2016. I explained and some were ok with it and still bought. Others were not.

In my honest opinion, yes, you can get orders even with an old account. Just work on your account, gigs, descriptions, keywords and all that

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Thank you very much for share your experience. After reading your reply I got back my keenness.

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i hope if u get few orders then
you will be on very advance stage having reviews + old account treated as much experienced person in the eyes of buyers

I think so. But now I have not any order and review. That’s why I was tensed. Anyway, I feel relaxed now to get suggestion all of you.
Thank you.