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My Fiverr account is temporarily disabled,

Hello, my this Fiverr account is temporarily disabled for an unknown reason, how to contact Fiverr customer support to get back my account as normal, can I get back my account back?
i have active order + earnings in it.


You would have received an email explaining this.

Another idea is to review the ToS again and see which of them you broke.


i have sent email from fiverr registered email to , will it help me for this issue?

Did you get an email explaining why you were banned? That email will explain everything to you.

i have received only automated system email regarding violation etc , but i haven’t did any violation …and even didn’t get any warning

You still aren’t telling us what they said the violation was for. They say that in the email.

"Your account was flagged for violation of our Terms of Service and our policies. As a result, your Fiverr account was permanently disabled.

Due to your account being disabled, you cannot log in or withdraw any funds you may have.
If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from now, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw.
This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact customer support."

this is the automated email i have received only at time of disable,

Please read the Terms of Service, and I bet you’ll discover what you did wrong. Did you try to communicate with someone off-site? Did you give away personal contact information? Did you offer to help people with school work? Were you selling a service that posts reviews on other sites, or provides likes, clicks, or fans on social media sites? These are just some of the most common reasons why Fiverr gives warnings – and disables accounts. Did you do any of these things?


no i didn’t any of these, and i haven’t given any warning, only direct disable without any warning

Fiverr always has a reason for taking the serious action of disabling an account. You DID do something against Fiverr’s TOS, and I bet you’ll determine what that was when you take the time to read through the TOS. It is your responsibility to know the rules before you offer services here.

How much order you complete in your account?