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My Fiverr account is temporarily disabled


I am a new seller of your marketplace, Recently I got a notification to verify my Fiverr Account. I am new on there, I don’t understand the process of how to make it done. Properly and maybe I mistake and the result ( My Account is temporarily disabled ). But I have all the real information that you needed. Please help me, How can I complete my Fiverr Account verification process?

It is explained here:

The bottom of the article has a contact button if you require further help.


Thanks sir For your reply.

I have already tried to verify my mobile phone. But maybe the image quality is not right, my verification work was not successful. I tried three times but failed.

Then I sent a Support Requests message, but got no response after 24 hours.

Customer Support are very busy at present and can take up to 10 days to respond.

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Please tell me the ID Verification Rules so that I can prepare.


In addition to reading the article I gave you, if you type “ID verification” in the search bar above there are more than 50 topics on the subject offering solutions that you may like to try.


Many many thanks for your information.

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