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My fiverr account is working but Fiverr support is not working?


When i do open Customer support “

I’m at vacation from long time - Just visit at for ask few query. But that is not working?

anyone can help on this?


I need help! anyone from fiverr support here?


I just check your account and, yes, there is next “Aloha, @vector_artistx is on a vocation”.
So you need to turn off a vocation mode and bring back to work mode. Try in some settings or help center.


I checked.
Go to Settings and after that on Account.
There is field VOCATION MODE, you have an option to turn on/off.


Hey, thanks

I know, How to go live to vacation mode - My request is different. - When i go to for contact the fiverr CUSTOMER support guys. there i’m unable to login - But my fiverr account is working properly. I don’t know, why support does not login.


Try this link:

Did you try accessing it through the main fiverr site through the “Help Section”?

You might also want to clear your browser history, cookies and cache or try a different browser.


Yes, I did all thing…but still support do not login - So i’m unable to create ticket and get help from support guys.


At first click account setting and turn off vacation mode. Then you will be able to contact customer support. check attached file


You didn’t understand! vacation mode was not the issue - I disable the vacation mode then Still i’m unable to login at fiverr support area.

Should i open new fiverr account for contact the fiverr support or what?


I clean-up cookies and all then still not working.

Maybe fiverr support has been disabled on my account But My fiverr Account is running properly. Don’t know what is the reason. Even i’m unable to contact fiverr support.


If another browser didn’t do the trick either I suggest you try reaching out via social media.


You can contact fiverr customer support without login . here is the support email address. So simply sent a mail about your issue. Hope it will be very helpful for you.