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My fiverr account restricted for multiple attempts verify id card


i gotmessage from fiverr to verify my ID afetr i sent the id card it got rejected i tried again and rejected again and recieved message that told me that my account is restricted

any experience? i can restore my account and verfy it again?

any help appreciate it


I don’t know, but mine is stuck in an endless loop. I’ve tried it 3 times. I ended up sending a message to CS.

I’m trying to verify using my tablet because I don’t own a smartphone. I’m sure not going to pay for a smartphone & plan that costs more than I make on the platform, just so I can verify.

I’ve been a loyal Fiverr Seller and tried climbing this Fiverr hill inch by inch since 2013.
Now I finally complete a decent sized order for the first time in months, that can actually pay a bill. Next day, I get a message I won’t get paid without using a smartphone in the next 14 days.

My “success manager” or whatever it’s called rescheduled my call 1 hour before, and didn’t call back on the re-scheduled time.
As soon as I was $1k away from being considered for TRS, orders stopped.
I start making money with old clients who re-order, then they pull this crap.
The closer I get, the harder they make it.
I get it Fiverr, you don’t want me here. I’d just like to know why?
What did I do to you?

Right now I need to chill. I’m absolutely livid.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The best bet is to talk with CS about this. They can help you out.

I am sorry, but I don’t think this is the case. If you make money, they make money. I know there is a lot of indifference and a lot of things that don’t work properly, and most of the times it seems like when we talk about our problems we are discussing it with a wall, but I don’t think Fiverr is plotting in stopping you from making money.

Anyone here who complete Fiverr ID verification ??

every time i try to upload my ID photo they refuse my submitting because after i upload my id photo,it get’s their side issue not my side coz my photos are very clear and have good quality

i contact fiverr customer support to inform about this situation and no any solution yet

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Same with me… Always rejected saying picture not clear… Please let me know how to get un restricted…


I see your account is still here @akmaganti04 , yours and @liquidlettuce, so I assume you each got it to work. How did you manage to do this?


The Op don’t have an account anymore. The system is not working properly as everyday there are new sellers having the same problem. Fiverr wont fix this?


Same with me. thanks.

Please i saw your account is no long with restrictions… How did u do it… Because my account has been restricted

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mine too, tell me if you got saved or not.

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Hi akmaganti04,
Can you please let me know how do you recover your restricted Fiverr account due to multiple attempts?
Did it recover or not?
Looking forward to your response As soon as Possible.

Please let me know did you recover your Fiverr account?
If yes, Please let me know how.
Looking forward to your response.
Thank You

Can anyone help me how to recover a restricted account? I am a level 1 seller. Looking forward to your response.
Thank You.

I never had a restricted account. Why did you ask me that? I don’t know anything about this.

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