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My fiverr account was banned! Am I ever going to get it back? :(

I’m a university student and an avid writer. I wanted to make some quick cash so I joined Fiverr and my first gig was an essay proofreading service aimed for research papers and the like, where I said I would correct grammar, sentence structure, and assess their use of research.

My Fiverr account was just banned for violating terms of service. They said I that my gig was aimed at helping people plaguarise material for their classes in school.

There are many, many proofreading services on Fiverr! I don’t know why mine should have been singled out of these. It must have been that I mentioned school in the About Me FAQ section, explaining how I wasn’t exactly a professional writer, but just a hobbyist in university. I also, as an optional requirement, said they could submit assignment papers for school essays so that I could better understand their purpose in writing and the points they where trying to make. I think this is a big misunderstanding, as those might have been keywords to tick off Fiverr’s terms and conditions. I really want my account back because this seems like an amazing opportunity for me!! I tried making a new one but it looks like my email has been banned to. I’m very disappointed and expected much better out of Fiverr.

Is there anything that I can do to get back online?

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It’s against the ToS to prepare academic work for people – that includes proofreading essays.

I can’t imagine you’ll get your account back now, because you’ve been caught breaking the rules. People don’t usually come back after they’re caught doing that.

Hash it out with CS. If you can’t get your account reinstated, ask if you’re allowed to create a new one.


My service was different than the hundreds of others because I’m open to help students?

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Look at this guy:

He’s doing it for doctors. I wouldn’t want MY doctor getting fiverr essays! Why isn’t he banned?

This is absolutely ridiculous!

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What kind of documents were you working on for students? I believe @Vickiespencer said one or two are allowed. I can’t remember which ones they are now.

It’s hard for me to comment on individual cases, including yours. I just know that Fiverr can be trigger happy, so it’s best to stay well away from the danger zones when possible. It seems like you may have flown too close to the sun here, but maybe we’ll discover you have a case for getting your account back.

For all we know, these people may soon be banned too. But even if they’re not, you can’t really use that as justification for breaking the rules (if you indeed did). You wouldn’t be able to get out of a parking ticket by claiming others also park illegally.


You said in another post you were struggling to contact Fiverr due to log-in issues. I’m not sure if this is still the case. If it is, you can reach support by emailing them at

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Thanks so much, I just emailed them.

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You’re welcome! Good luck. If the worst outcome does arise, remember to ask for permission to create a new account (if you want to come back). Apologise, say you’ve read the ToS, etc. You may get lucky.


I’m sorry this happened to you! You already got some good advice but I wanted to say I like your profile photo. It’s different. Wishing you good luck with this.

Yes, it is okay with Fiverr if we proofread thesis and dissertations.


These are medical school applications. So they are not doctors (nor even students yet) and the material being edited is not academic.

An academic application essay means the application itself. It’s just terminology!

When people apply to medical school, they write a letter confirming why they choose that specialty, their background, etc. It’s called an essay but is not really; it is a long passage about your desire to study medicine (or the specialty). It is not the sort of essay for which you are graded or do research. That is the difference.

It makes great sense for med school applicants to get professional editors as this is allowed and encouraged by colleges and many of them are not native English speakers. Once they are admitted, they won’t be allowed to use much editing on theses etc.

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“I never ‘plagiarize’ my essays. I only ‘plagiarize’ my applications!”

Don’t worry, sir. You can trust me; I went to med school! Although I did need to plagiarize an essay to get in…

Is that really any different?

I’m sorry but fiverr TOS clearly states that any kind of work in essays and assignments is forbidden on fiverr. And definitely having those words in your gig title wouldn’t help at all.

You can try to prove to CS that your gig is primarily for a proofreading but its very unlikely.


So, proofreading, revising and giving feedback are the same as plagiarizing?

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Ughh that must be so hard. It takes so much time and effort to create a Fiverr profile so to have it taken down must be so disappointing. :disappointed:

Well, that’s what happens for breaking Fiverr TOS. :roll_eyes:

If you don’t want to feel disapointed by Fiverr banning your account after so much time and effort, always stay within Fiverr’s TOS and never violate it. Simple as that!


This indicates you were offering to do their school work.

What I quoted of your post above indicates otherwise.

ToS states:

Third party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.

Yes, there are, I am one of them. I keep my account safe by never offering to proofread student work.