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My Fiverr Account Was Created in 2018 and Remained Inactive until April 2020

I created my fiverr account almost 2 years ago but only started posting gigs on it now. Although I have tried to remain online most time of the day, I haven’t received any messages and there isn’t any activity on my gigs either (clicks, views, impressions, etc).
Can this mean being Inactive for a long time is causing this problem?
I could really use some help, thank you!

Have you paused your gigs for 2 years? or you have created these now?
If you had paused your gigs then it will take some time to comeback in search result and have click, views etc.

thanks for replying, this is my first time being properly active on fiverr and I created those gigs now, like two days back.

Okay, and you have no clicks means 0 click views? if you continue like this then contact customer support, they will solve your problem.
If you have some clicks and views like 10-20 then it will getting improve with the passage of time, don’t worry.

There isn’t much, but there are some impresssions and clicks. Do you suggest that I delete this account and create a new one to start from scratch?

No, continue with this account, your gigs will getting rank in some days when you will get orders.
Send offer to buyer request, content writing is a fruitful category, you will get orders soon.
Be active and consistent.

This was really helpful, thanks a lot!

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You are most welcome :slight_smile: and good luck.

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