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My fiverr account was hacked ! and I lost everything I had Can someone help me


My fiverr account was hacked and 512$ were withdrawn last night . Please help me . I submitted an email to fiverr support under #736906. Wish they can see this and stop the transaction before it completes. I’m in sri lanka where paypal is not even available

My fellow fiverr sellers please change account details and make sure you accounts are secure


i think fiverr cs will help to you.How your account was hacked ?

you didn’t use strong password ?

If you have proof to show that can help you to get your account. Otherwise say bye to that account. Fiverr customer support can’t help without it.

You will not be able to get your $512 back. I am sure on it.

BTW, i found “dezign_geek” (hacked profile) strongly active and providing services. And you also active using same profile. How?

why not simply stay away from people that try to hack you they will message you via fiver saying

contact me on face book , or se attachment or private chat

they will ask for your email then tell you whats your id they will try and get your date of birth etc why dont you guys use your brain man

1 guy tried it on my on fiverr big ( fail ) attemp guy ran away after what i said to him

Don’t log Unidentified links and don’t type your email and password for any kind of links :confused: that’s are hacking links :confused: you have to know about it :slight_smile:

I got this message



Hi dezign_geek! I hope you are well.

I am interested in your services but i want you apply this idea in this gig :


Please let me know if you can do it, how much would you charge, and how we can proceed ?

I will be waiting for news.

Thank you,


and clicked the link . I was so stupid to enter password there. But how can someone withdraw cash , how can they change the paypal in few hours and withdraw. God knows how hard I worked to earn this .

I changed the password of my all accounts . I can access my fiverr account but all I had is just gone

Please guys be aware of this hazzle . Don’t be stupid like me

Is there any way to get this to fiverr support . They take lot of time to reply and once they answer my email . This transaction will be completed