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My Fiverr Account was hacked!

Hi everyone, i don’t seem to know what happened to my Fiverr Account ( i think it was hacked and all my funds were withdrawn (about $645) two days ago, i have contacted Fiverr support but i have not heard from them. Please is there anyone that has experienced a similar situation I’m just worried how a big platform like Fiverr could be hacked with out getting any notification on my mail about the transaction. I logged into my payoneer account and noticed the same amount was paid out which i notified Payoneer to cancel the transaction as it was still pending as at the time. My email was also hacked.

Note: I didn’t give my login details to anybody neither shared my PC or mobile with anybody. Im just helpless at the moment.

Have you run a virus checker on your computer and checked if there is a keylogger installed?

If they hacked your email and installed something like a keylogger on your computer (eg. you opening/running something) that could have been how they got into your Fiverr account.


Who was it paid out to? Don’t you have it set up where funds from Payoneer can only be paid out to you?

Wouldn’t your Payoneer account need to be hacked too so whoever did it can get the money sent to themselves and not to you?

I will do that now, I’m just concerned and scared.

It was paid out to a particular email address. I do not just understand how easy it was to hack my Fiverr and Payoneer account.

Do you mean someone was able to tell Payoneer to send it to an emal address? How? Would you be the only one who could do that? Or just anyone can do that?

Someone can contact Payoneer and say send all the money In Jane Doe’s account to this email address?

Or you mean they changed the email that Payoneer has for your account?

Don’t you have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) set up? If you are doing something or working for money, you must always use 2FA in case something like this happens. I am also talking about the mail security too.


Thanks, I realised I didn’t activate it for my Payoneer account.

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I had that happen. Keep contacting Fiver support with screenshots and proof. Contact the place the funds went too. It took a couple weeks, but eventually Fiverr resolved it.


Alright, thanks for the encouragement.

while waiting for Fiverr to resolve the issue, try to activate the 2FA security. it helps. Do this for all your online accounts (be it social or business). My candid advice to all.

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