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My Fiverr account was restricted

Hello, pls I need help,pls reply…I received an email from fiver stating that my account was restricted for selling services that are not offered on Fiverr, that’s bad on my part,because now I have read and divested the TOS of Fiverr now,I sent a message to them(as you’ll see in the screenshot) my question now is,why is Fiverr not answering me(it’s been 24 days since I got a response)… And if at all they disable my account…how will I be able to withdraw my revenue (will I wait for 90 days?)


I am curious, what service were you offering? :thinking:

Why did you wait until the second warning to do this?

It sounds like you will not be getting your account back.

Your revenue will be released after 90 days.


You got a template replay form CS however there is nothing you can do about it.

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What does this mean pls

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I was offering a 3D design gig,I am a 3D artist…it must have been during my gig description,I probably wrote something I shouldn’t have…I can’t really remember and I actually can’t go back to check

You have received 2 warnings:

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!

It all happened the same day…after reading it,I tried creating a gig again…I don’t know how Fiverr does it but immediately they reviewed it,I still got the same message again,and that lead to the restriction of my account

Thanks you for this lloydsolutions

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It’s the same complaint, nobody answered that before,that’s why I posted a new one, thank God you answered me

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Don’t make duplicate topics.

Anyhow, you will just have to wait for the reply from Customer Support.

Starting from the day Fiverr restricted my account? Or when they review it and have banned the account?

Ohh,okay…my bad I’m new here

I shouldn’t send them any messages for now right?

@tosin3d I can feel your pain and I hope they rectify it quickly.

But I have a question, can one still create another fiverr account after being restricted?
Secondly, Does fiverr also refund the money in “pending clearance” after account restriction?


Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page which everyone needs to read before buying or selling anything on Fiverr.


You can always make a new account, but this is against ToS and might get you permanently banned.
Trying to circumvent bans or restrictions, that is.

Only with permission from Customer Support, or it will get banned, too.

And OP said that they did read it…


It’s sad to hear this, the odds of you getting your account back is very low.

You can try opening a new account but like catwriter said


I’m a 3D artist too and will definitely like to know what went wrong!!

Thanks for replying…I still don’t know…they have not responded…what if for 90 days Fiverr hasn’t reviewed or check my account yet will I still get my money?