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MY Fiverr Acount Banned Due to Multiple Accounts. What should i do?


Dear Members.

I had a fiverr account named daniyaldanish52 but this was not in my use. So, I created a new account with named bannerarts and spend almost 50 days on it. Few days back i mistakenly logged in the my previous account named daniyaldanish52 and which was not in my use and fiverr blocked my both accounts. Is there any chance to get back my bannerarts accounts because i worked very hard on it. :sob::sob::sob:


It’s highly unlikely you’ll get either those accounts reinstated. You can ask Fiverr, but I’m pretty sure the answer to your question will be “no”.

I think the best thing you can do now is apologise to Support and ask them if you’re allowed to open a brand new account. Promise to abide by the rules in future.

Sometimes people with multiple accounts get permanently banned from Fiverr. Sometimes, however, they get lucky and are given permission to open a new account.


This policy is so bad there must be a rule if us open both account 3 times than they should take action but on one time it not good. My first account was created wrongly i don’t even created a single gig on it. But my second account bannerarts was my effort and i put lots of my time on it. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I’m sorry this happened to you, especially at the start of a new year.

You could try explaining yourself to Support. You never know. If nothing comes of it, at least see if you’re allowed to come back using a different account. You could get back to where you were in time.

Good luck!

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I was a seller and it is very hard to get back buyers again.:cry: