My fiverr acount not working


My fiverr acount “No longer Active” kindly help me to enable it? why my acount not active? it is 1 year old. i worked at honestly with customers.but why??? Is this the jok? i had 3 fiverr acounts… all detctive? let me know what is the problem? i never belive fiverr. never… .at this time i am verry sadly… with your bad site…


Answered your own question - one account only per person.


one account only per person.


Fiverr’s Terms of Service strictly forbid multiple accounts.


No friend… i had only 1 in 2015 it was desabled in fiverr.then i made new… it was desabled i in fiverr. then i made a new 1… today my fiverr acount desabled with my funds. i am not satis in fiverr…i am not recomend fiverr support.


Why do Fiverr keep disabling your accounts?


I don’t know… i am level 2 seller. i am not satis fiverr… support.


Well, just make a new account and come back to complain next year when that one gets busted too.

Or try not to do whatever it is you keep doing to get busted.


THAT is the problem: 3 fiverr accounts. You can only have one.

So if that wasn’t the problem then we can’t guess what it was. You probably already know.


You must have done something really bad if Fiverr continous to suspend your account. Maybe Fiverr isn’t for you.