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My Fiverr android app is't working poperly


Dear friends, i install my fiverr android app yesterday but in 24 hours there are not showing a single knock from buyer or other complete works notifications. On the other hand in my laptop everythings is ok. So how can i fix my android fiverr app. What to do now.

Note: My Android fiverr app version is 2.1.3


Not sure what a knock from a buyer is I’m afraid.

Did you have the app working properly before you updated it, or is it a new installation?

If you’re not getting notifications etc. then perhaps you should ask customer services?


i install it 1st time in my phone


Silly question - have you logged in etc., and is your data network on? Don’t laugh - I’ve done both of these things in the past! :slight_smile:


yes i sign in to fiverr & my data connection is always on. but still when i open my fiverr app in the morning there is no notification or massage but when i open my laptop i see there new massage & other notification.


Go into settings, then notifications, and make sure all the boxes are ticked for mobile as well as email for the notifications you want to receive.


In notification option all box showes seleted


Is it safe, if i use or open android fiverr app & laptop at the same time.


Yes, you can do that with no problems! :slight_smile:


Thank You so much.:slight_smile: