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My fiverr app is showing offiline mood

My Fiverr app is showing to my potential clients on app that I am offline, they can only see that I am online when they view my profile on desktop/laptop. Please I have lost a Hugh amounts of revenue because of this but. Please can someone tell m what I need to do please.
Hoping to hear from the house.


You can check a update for fiverr app. May be you have missed it. Mine app is working fine.


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Thanks for your response, please can you do me a favour, please view your profile through your app and let me know if it’s showing offline or online icon.

I just updated my Fiverr app and viewed my profile through my Fiverr app and found my that I am offline.

Yeah, I have checked in my app. You are showing online.


I also sometimes face the same problem.i find myself offline when my app is still open.

Thanks for this. I always see on my app that I’m offline. I guess my fiverr app is having some issues.

Facing the same problem. :thinking: