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My Fiverr Artist Can’t submit my final work!

So I ordered a YouTube banner be designed and made for me back in December. The artist said it would take 4 weeks. Fair enough because of the detailed involved. We kept in communication up until the date it was due. I wanted them to make an additional change before submitting it and they agreed. Then…nothing. They’re was no submission, no feedback, they weren’t even online. I messaged them for over a month and got nothing. Finally I had to start stalking the web and thankfully they were an up and coming artist. I found them on Facebook, but due to more site issues, I eventually had to go through her husband to FINALLY get ahold of her (the original artist). She was more than happy to give me my work…but I asked why no response on fiverr. She apparently has been unable to login and is still sitting on a ticket.

I should NOT have to go such a back door, near stalker, method to get my requested artwork, that I already paid for. Did I mention that she is from Indonesia?!? Thank goodness she speaks perfect English but I’m currently having to look for a way to pay her for the origin .psd file that I wanted later. She did offer it for free, but I have a little more self respect than to take advantage of someone when they didn’t cause the issue.

My point, hurry up and get this resolved fiverr! Do all repairs take almost 2 MONTHS to fix?!?!
Do you guys care at all about your customers? I mean, this is ridiculous.

Please message me so we can get this resolved quickly. Thank you.


Hello, I read this twice and didn’t see where it was the fault of the site. Or maybe I missed it? It sounded like your seller just disappeared from fiverr.

If it’s because of a browser compatibility problem with the Fiverr site (eg. like it has with Firefox) you could suggest that she tries logging in with Google Chrome. If she can’t contact support via the website she can use the address.

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I can login with Firefox.

Hey, thanks for the info. I will go ahead and pass the message along. I hope it works. :persevere:

Now I can see where it might be a browser issue, but I will reexplain why it seems to be a site issue. She previously had no issue with the site, but then one day, when she went to login, presumably to give me the updated changes for my work… she could’t get into her account. She didn’t change the way she normally logged in, it just shut her out. I don’t assume that someone would sit on the changes they already made, and not submit them so they can finally get paid for their work.

So she did what any normal person would do and sent out a ticket, but never got a response. But I see now that the forums are a lot more active then the tickets. I’m informing her to come here to get some answers and get her account up and running again.

Her account the actually might’ve been disabled in this case.
And accounts usually disabled due to TOS violations.

That’s possible. I let her know, but she thought she would have received a notification that her account had been disabled. I said to go ahead and double check with the staff. If your account was disabled out of no where, what’s to say that you also weren’t sent a notification about it.

And thanks for the input! I appreciate any/ all help that is given.

Darn, she has actually tried several different browsers, to no avail. She also noted that she tried changing her password and still couldn’t log in. The only thing we can think now is that her account was either disabled or it may be an IP address issue. I told her to try logging in on a different device on a new WiFi/data source.

There have been threads about problems with Firefox and compatibility eg. loggin in problems


I couldn’t log in last time I tried. I’ll re-try.
Some of the suggestions in the thread/ones like it may help.

She could still contact support via email to see if they can help/see why it’s not letting her in.

It should work with some browser. Unless possibly it’s locked her out for some reason.