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My Fiverr balance is -$1,188


A user purchased 96 sales from me in the past month. I helped this person continually through everything they have been through - night and day I was helping them with their many issues.
Yyesterday all of a sudden, my email was blown up with disputes that the buyer filed. He had purchased close to $5,000 worth of readings and is now trying to get pretty much all of his money back.
I emailed Fiverr support and they basically told me they can do nothing about it. Does anyone have any experience with this? HOW can I work with negative 1,000 dollars in my balance?!?!? I am so stressed out right now! Why are there people like this in the world?

Scammed $450 by Cancelling a Month After Delivery
Unfair, I regret ever putting my time into this
Should i close my fiverr account Or Just leaved in Vacation mode?
An old order has been canceled, and now my balance is negative

Is there anyway I can get credit for the orders he purchased? I have been on this site since 2015, I do not deserve to be treated this way.


Wow… what an absolute nightmare… If there’s nothing CS can do then I guess it’s just bad luck :frowning:


I am trying to be as calm as possible, this is an absolute nightmare on every level. I hope karma absolutely gets the guy who did this to me! I also hope Fiverr reads this so they can come up with a solution for me as soon as possible! I am so heartbroken right now.

Update: I opened up a case through Fiverr Support - I am praying they help me find a solution to my problem. All that time wasted for nothing.


Strange that the buyer had just the possibility to create a dispute for complete orders and to get his money back with just one button clicked.

I once got a similar problem : the buyer purchased $1500 worth of gigs several years ago, and one day, I received some emails too. The money was gone. Fiverr told me that it was because the buyer had used a stolen credit card and the bank of the original owner got his money back. That was a terrible nightmare for me too, because I even paid taxes on this money for my company. So I lost the money + the taxes.

There is not really a solution for this, unfortunately. When I contacted Fiverr, they just told me that it was not their fault and they couldn’t do anything.

I really hope that the situation will be different for you. It’s so frustrating and difficult for the moral when these situations happens… These buyers are just nightmares for us, serious sellers here.


What did you do with your -$1500 balance?


To be honest, I don’t really remember if I had a negative balance. I think I had enough money on my Fiverr account to not be in negative.

I found the topic I created : ------

But for some reasons, the topic I wrote was edited…


omg!! first of all i am extremely sorry to see this. and 2ndly, i thought after 14 days of a completed order a buyer cannot claim an order cancellation. so is my information wrong or your buyer claimed money within 14 days?


Really? How could he/she do that. It’s a worst nightmare for a seller. I hope CS will help you. Did you contact the buyer? What’s his motive behind all this?


What did you sell to the seller and do you know where he/she is from? Is there IP involved?


no the CS cannot do anything if a buyer wants the money back… i have been there…


What a horrible person! :angry: I too have seen a negative balance after a fraudulent buyer, but if your gig is good, it will go back to + sooner than you know. Should also check your upcoming earnings and active orders so you can guess better.

Sadly there is nothing you can do about it. And after the updates Fiverr values a buyer more than a seller, so it’s even more unlikely to get help.

Though you should ask support if they could temporarily give more visibility for your gig so you are encouraged to keep trying despite your horrible experience. I know for a fact that they have done this in cases like this, at least before the update.


Happened to me a couple of time via paypal payback dispute. But as she said that person ordered like 96 times. So that counts for something. There must be a system. It’s open bullying.


but i want to know, even after 14 days the buyer can claim the money? as she said within a month so i think it is before 14 days.


Not always. If it’s a Paypal claim, it can be anytime, even one year after the purchase has been made. Unfortunately, Paypal always give the priority to buyers when it comes to online / virtual purchases :frowning: . I’ve been there too, a terrible nightmare when time has been spent on some tasks…


but what about fiverr and payoneer ? i donot understand the rules now.


It`s a Paypal dispute. Tell CS that you are willing to pay $10 to them to file your anti-dispute case with Paypal otherwise the CS will tell you that they can’t do anything.


I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a bad time. Hopefully, customer support will find a way to help you. It really is terrible that a person can be callous enough to dispute over 5k worth of orders.


I hope so too Jenny!


I am lost for words.

Wish I could help. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your money back!!