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My Fiverr Business is Going Down Everyday

As i am a level 2 Seller and my niche is virtual assistant and i was earning pretty good with fiverr. like each day i was completing 3-4 orders . but now i hardly get 2 or 3 orders per week . can you guys help me out ? as i am really sad about it , Thanks


Yep. I have the same issue. Sales totally dropped here in last two months. Now I’m focused on other freelance marketplaces and photostocks.
Fiverr don’t want to activate an Ad feature for my account and I don’t know why.
I see a lot of level 1 sellers who advertising and getting orders.
I tired to do regular gig seo, social promotion, send buyer requests and other stuff because it doesn’t make a sense at all - impressions and clicks are going down.
On other platforms I don’t do these useless things but getting invitations, orders and making my business.

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I don’t want to advertise them here.
You can easily find them after some googling


yeah i can understand . thank you for your help

I guess it’s because of the new way they calculate cancellation rate, before they only calculated the orders cancelled by fiverr or violation, now they calculate everything so order cancellation dropped a lot and the sales dropped, when i contacted them they said no it will not affect your sales but it did, i used to get sales daily and when they did that sales dropped big time, i don’t llike this at all…


Yeah that maybe a reason for that .

It’s nothing to do with the new cancellation rate. It’s not displayed publicly. Mine is always 90% plus/minus 5% and at least one of my gigs is always showing up on the front page of the search results.


This is why you should not put all of your eggs in one basket. Not diversifying your sources of clients, I think, is a recipe for failure in the long-term. Not to say that you shouldn’t give your maximum here at Fiverr, but do not rely entirely on it.

You never know what the algorithm does now that they implemented a tracking system for cancelled orders. We are kept in the dark so much on this =/

I know. This is why it annoys me when people assume the new cancelation % has an impact on their ranking. There are so many factors in the algorithm, to assume only one of them is important will lead to making the wrong business decisions.


i am having the same problem .
My impressions were more then 16k and now they removed my gig from first pages to somewhere in space i think ,now my impressions are going down day by day now its 7 k left only.

Well, Because the gigs which are ranking on Top positions will do proper seo to rank their Gigs, besides this avail 10+ buyers requests to get some orders.

What I’m learning is that if you let anything slip at all , you can see the effects spiral down like a domino effect.
Doing what I do … I tend to get more bigger orders than smaller orders and so every rating I get really counts VS somebody that gets like 20 $5 orders a day… They can get 3000 ratings in a few months time and as long as they don’t suck , they will have 99% or 100% ratings. But like … if I perform sub-par for 1 out of 100 people , just the star rating on that alone is enough to screw my business.

Lets add in user cancellation feedback score , response time score , cancellation ratio score, Then who’s to say you don’t have to account for $$ earned in X time score , amount of orders per month score … etc… etc…

I bet all of this goes into tracking your ranking here. And to be honest if I’m right on any of that… it’s not a good ranking system for some of us. I think they are trying to favor the majority and I guess that’s fine. But they sure arent open to any advice on the matter! =/

even me im totally down never had this kind of issue is there something wrong on fiverr SEO ?

Deliver more than the buyers expectations. You won’t have to wait for orders. try it.

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weird, after a somewhat slow past few months, february and just this last week have been my busiest and highest earning since joining the site a year ago. don’t lose hope, try new things, diversify your offerings. some months will be slower than others, you just have to keep putting in the work and looking for more opportunities.


you have a option to participate for promoted gig option.

It is the only reason for huge impact on ranking. I am having the same issue and I started getting very few orders when I mutually cancelled 3 orders.

Yea cancelled orders ruin your business here … worse than 1 star reviews I think…

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I am experiencing the same problem.