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My fiverr career may be finished

Hello everyone!! :smiley:
I am a new seller on fiverr. Outside, I am working for a garments industry. I completed 1 orders during my 24 days fiverr life. I got another order of $100 a few days ago. The work was about to write 1000 Hebrew post on different groups & take their screenshots. I completed the order & deliver him(buyer) the screenshots as usual. But he said to revise the project. now you guys please Suggest me, what to revise him about this work. Then after more 100 post, I delivered him the project. He just cancelled the order. My completion rate is now 50% :cry:
Maybe my freelancing career is just finished. :cry:

Suggest me what to do now. I am helpless.

N.B: The buyer is from *******& his profile was written as TOP BUYER

country reference removed


Hey rajute233!
Don’t become unmotivated. The buyer may be faced problem with the work. You should carry on like previous. Don’t be sad. Everything will be fine.

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There are so many bad buyers around us, You have to deal with them. I also face same issues but in this case nothing to do, because buyer are the king on Fiverr and Sellers are the Slaves here. Fiverr always stand against Sellers not buyer. We are helpless here against such Bad buyers. Do not worry brother, Be patient and work hard. Bad are very few of them. Most of Buyer are good.

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Did you work according to requirements. Buyer cant cancel the order himself unless the time frame is finished, otherwise he has to send a request and the seller also has to accept, if you accepted then its your fault as you shouldnt have if you did accordingly. Contact CS with all evidence of the work, mentioning his name, order number, and requirements. Hopefully you will be lucky, but fiverr usuallys supports buyers. Good luck


I don’t understand: did he order 1000 posts and you delivered only 100?

He means, he over delivered. He did extra 100 posts to compensate.

No no!! He ordered for 1000 post with screenshots. I send him those 1000+ screenshots, then he told to revise them. After revise he just cancelled it.

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I am used to be work hard everyday. For that, withing 24 days of opening profile i got 02 orders. 1 of them became cancelled. :cry:

have patience brother

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