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My fiverr contact customer support account is suspended

Dear everyone and fiverr Support Team

I faced one problem. When i tried to contact fiverr Support Team than one dialog box open and in written Requester: Sowzan is suspended. I don’t know why fiverr team is suspended my account of contact Support Team system. but my account is running in fiverr market place

Please give information what is the way to contact fiverr Support Team and i request to fiverr FAQ solution team active this system in my account.

please see the attachment

Your attachment was removed since it was showing your email address. You are more than welcome to attach it again but make sure to blink out your email address.
Did you attempt to contact customer support by opening multiple tickets?

Hi sowzan,

Basically if someone misuse the policy and services of the Fiverr then fiverr suspend their account, may be somehow you misuse the services of Fiverr.

Always respect the policy and services of Fiverr.

Thank you.

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.


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