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My trainer was wrongfully removed from this site by a scammer who misinformed information about her and harrassed her. Some man asked for her link and accused her of being someone else and suddenly, she was removed from the site. I have met with her for many months since last year. She is young girl going through school and doing fiverr to support her life. How can FIVERR suddenly take the word of some stranger and cut her off from the right to work?

No one deserves being cut without any real proof from some scamming stranger who wants to cut competition. I have attached his information and show things he said to my Fiverr seller so if you see this person, do not buy from him. He is a scammer!!! I want my instructor back through Fiverr or maybe I will use another platform.

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Maybe you do not realize that this Forum is mostly Sellers. We can comment on things and give advice from our experience but we cannot change anything like what you say happened.

My 2-cents (as that is all it can be with no facts on either side of this to test) is that Fiverr try to be careful and check claims of wrongdoing before acting.

Very often when people come to us with some tale, it turns out that there was info that was not present in their first post. Info that if it were present, would have made the outcomes clear and advice to-the-point. Just yesterday it was found that someone was using artwork scraped from the internet to sell to others 100% as original work. This makes us all sick.

I am sorry if this girl has found herself in hot water but like that girl I just mentioned, maybe there is more to this story than you or I know.

What is done is done so all that can be looked at is how the mess got made and how to move onwards & upwards.



I did not realize this only for sellers and that’s fine if this is ‘whatever will be’ to you. I have been training with her virtually for 7 months and she has been an enormous value and help to me so I know that there is no impropriety, she delivers as she promises, and it is clear she was scammed. I have referred my complaint to Fiverr contacts who have the power to do something about this.

I like the platform but you are right, if I find that sellers are backstabbing other sellers, than I want it to be properly investigated and so far, I do not believe it was properly handled. I have heard from her that Fiverr is reviewing information to reinstate her.

Surely, if it happened to you, you would want those who you have been working with to speak up for you. Maybe you don’t know what you are talking about so by the same token should onward and upward your flippancy about my concern. :slightly_smiling_face:


Only SC can investigate and do an appropriate/according resolve due to them having the tools to actually moderate both buyer and seller accounts.

As @benedictrm has stated, we can do naught but to observe and debate. No matter how frustrating, sad or joyful the situation can be.

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Agreed. We’ll see what happens. I referred my concern to appropriate parties. I just mistook this forum. No drama for either you. Cheers, anyway

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This Forum is not “only for Sellers”. I did not say that. We have some buyers and some third-party people occasionally too.

Nor did I indicate that we do not care for how a customer feels. Good Sellers care a lot about outcomes for their customers both related to the jobs we do for them and in general.

It is great if you are helping a seller. Maybe it was that she was wronged and will be reinstated. If that is the case, that is good.

Just understand that we cannot change anything like that here. Nor can we in any fairness take sides with no actual information to hand.


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Hi, I was just wondering, how do you know that she was wrongfully removed by a man? Just curious as I was also teaching online using Fiverr and once a person is removed from Fiverr there is no way of contacting them.

There are many reasons for teachers to be removed. There are a lot of things teachers are not allowed to do.

Eg. By sharing contact details
By doing homework or assisting with homework (illegal)
and a lot more.


Oh, you want more info??? Well, teacherita Right now, I consider this, sudden removal without notice to customers nor investigation, an offense to the customers and the sellers. After this sudden removal, I reached out to CS and the agent who contacted me was completely dismissive to the information I conveyed to be submitted in this supposed investigation and provided no information on why she could have been removed. This makes me concerned two ways: whoever fraudulently accused her is probably among her competition so why buy with any other related provider and next, with this completely flippant response from Fiverr- I see they don’t value anything I have to say about how this matter. Maybe this is normal? When you think something is good, you don’t believe the bad reviews until something bad happens.

Thanks for your concern to comment and speculate about something and have no power to improve. I wrote about this here b/c I needed to reach Fiverr but eventually reached a contact so I realize the forum can do nothing for this. This is an opinion page- like butts, everybody has one! Maybe any sycophants on this forum who want to add defenses for this are those who do this to sellers or can read my response here over and over and treat it like I meant this for them as well. Yay, everybody has a butt! Now sit and read this response one more time! I definitely hope no one else here is experiencing this. It’s Friday so enjoy until your turn. I’m going to watch the new Godzilla movie and let you birds chirp.

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OMG, you come in here to right an apparent wrong then do all you can to be on the wrong side of anyone who doesn’t do exactly what you want of them, regardless of law, fairness or the stunning lack of anything that resembles provable facts - that have not been presented anyway.

The more I see of this the more you look like a toady trying to undo a right action by painting it wrong so you can get on an equally painted high-horse from which you can scream at everyone how they are wronging you and your “friend” - in quotes because as far as I can speculate right now, this is actually you.

Right now I think you got yourself banned here for doing some scummy things that the TOS makes clear will get you banned but you did them anyway. Maybe you didn’t read the TOS or just didn’t think it need apply to you. No matter, you broke it and now want back in with more sneaky behavior. I don’t think any remotely reputable seller would want to support anyone like that as they do us damage every day by making passable people think that we are all like you.

BTW the new Godzilla movie is terrible, you will love it.
(if you put out meanness, you beget meanness)


The movie is not as terrible as your threats and harassment. You say you want to ban me because I said these opinions have no bearing on the outcome of an investigation you know nothing about? I now have an impression of how sellers, patrons, and community members are treated in this Fiverr community. It just gets worse. Again, you have the right to your opinion but it has no value regarding the outcome of this complaint. Maybe scroll to view other people you can help vs. curse and you can call yourself a good person and valuable to somebody. I’m not here for you so do feel free to live your life or reread what I wrote the first Karen who was not able to help and have a seat! It’s Friday! My concern has nothing to do with you and you nor your harassment is of any help.

Again, instead of sending me curses, reread what I wrote and go help someone who might actually want to hear from you. I’m super disappointed in a lot of respect I’ve lost over all of this. Back to Friday!


I said none of that. Please do not say I did. If you think I did you either cannot understand the written word or have a whole other thing going on.

Slander is a form of bullying.



I have copied and passed on to the agent about your threats and persistence already.

Again, help someone who wants to hear from you and stop harassing me! You opinion will not change my situation and I am not forced to endure your harassment because you can do nothing about my concerns with Fiverr. I’m speaking with them directly- I’ve said this several times already that I’m not offering this to the community for resolution. Reread my message until that makes sense to you and focus on something you can do something about instead of harass and bully new people on this forum. Wow. Just gets worse! Leave people alone!


I know just how you feel. I had work done by someone and suddenly he was no longer there. We were in the process of completing my website and I was about to use him again. To my horror he was no longer contactable. I certainly did not report him! When looking at our conversation in the messages, I saw that he did however, message all about it religion (this is a clear TOS violation). He also chatted about the virus etc. There are definite rules when messaging. So the customer services must have picked it up themselves. All messages are checked and screened.

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I’m sorry what happened to you. I think the situation was still different. I am really disappointed in my experience with this site and not likely to recommend this community to others. That’s all. Best of luck all the same.