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My Fiverr dream is dying. I might go away


Hello everyone!
I am a seller here who is into the self publishing industry. Commonly speaking, Kindle and createspace and such other platforms.
I’ve been working alone on Fiverr for last 6 months, yet saw very little progress. Some days, I knew less of my skills and on other days I didn’t get any buyers. I thought that if somehow I can get to $2400 I can make a setup that truly is according to my vision of producing gigs that the self published authors are looking upto on Fiverr. But sadly, I think my dream is breaking. Either I might go on a break or quit this marketplace for good. Though I’d say, the work is there in plenty. Maybe there’s something I don’t know yet because of which it looks like sour grapes to me. That’s all. Thanks a lot

Yours truly
A terribly broke student who just graduated college


I like your gigs a lot. Lower your prices by at least half.

Try giving it away basically at $5 for a while to get more reviews.

Get much brighter outstanding graphics on them. The gigs are too expensive, and not showing up well and getting lost on the page due to dull boring easy to overlook graphics. Change them around.


Have you considered using off site promotion to bring in sales?


Agree with @misscrystal. Think about what she said and try to implement it.

##Patience is the real KEY to success, my child. :hibiscus:


Hello @kevinfrederick Hope is good things ,
thought if you are not sign in this website. it will not tech new things that you learn form it.
here you have 7 reviews now just get 3 more and you will become 1st level seller.
after that your profile will attract more buyer an on and on…
trust in your self and get little Patience
life will be always in your favour.

Best of Lock
Jaydeepsinh :relaxed:


“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” - Robert Schuller


I agree patience is require for any business to succeed.


I’d say do this fiverr as part time only, don’t quit or don’t hope only for this as your income source. In time, probably we will empower the knowledge and the secret the top sellers won’t share with us. :smiling_imp:


Where do you get the idea there’s some secret info the top sellers won’t share? If there were, which I doubt there are, why should they share it? :slight_smile:

There aren’t any secrets to succeeding on Fiverr I’m afraid.


Reminds me of Pitbull rather than Robert Schuller, #fifaWC14


If I were you, I would focus on your second two gigs (layout and covers). Your first gig starts at $40 and authors can do all of that online for free if they have a Word document. However, InDesign layout is not easy and many people would pay for that service. Making a 3D cover is kind of a pain too so I think you can do well with that one.


If you are new you need to keep your prices competitive. After you work you way up levels you will get more work via custom quotes and this is how sellers increase their income.

You cannot be here for 5 mins and expect to suddenly make loads of money. It can take a good year to build up a solid reputation and client base.


@kevinfrederick I have to agree with @sarahx87 on this one, you can’t rely on Fiverr as a primary income early. I am in the same boat with you. I’m entering my third month on Fiverr, and only have two sales, only one of which left a review. I’ve posted my gig on Facebook and Twitter without much response.

BUT I have my day job. I don’t love it. I want to do freelance work full-time, as I’ve spent 20 years working for other people’s dreams at the expense of my own. But the job pays the bills for now, and will until I master this freelance thing and walk out the door there for good. You might need to bus a few tables to keep the bills paid too.

6 months seems like a long time. In the grand scheme of life it’s not. I hope you’ll be patient, and keep working at Fiverr if freelancing truly is your dream. I wish I had started freelancing sooner, but at 40 and starting over, I know I have to pay my dues whether it takes three months or three years.

Best of luck, and congratulations on earning your degree!


This probably is my first thread where I saw a bit serious discussion and advice. So thank you so much all of you! I got the know of many things and then do them through.

I am still awaiting my takeoff. But I want to stay connected in some way to you guys, one of the ways being this thread.


Thanks a lot for the insights :slight_smile: Please have a look on my profile again, I have made changes and still making. I want to listen more…


You mean social media? I know that it’s a great resource and why not. What I don’t know yet is how to use it well.

I mean, simply posting the link and writing some stuff is the cave man’s formula.


Thank you so much for the thought… but patience along isn’t everything. I am looking for actions that ultimately will get the out of the maze.


Thanks bro… Can you tell me what advantages have you seen as level 1 seller? Please tell me your experience, I know what’s there on the Fiverr page for sellers.


I have made changes to my profile. Please have a look and let me know what else you see that can improve me by miles. And thank you so much for letting me know about what services I can do. You’ll find them all on my profile desc…


Thank you! Following this I slashed my prices to $5. But I know that’s maybe the tip of the iceberg. Let me know more about what improvement you see. Please :slight_smile: