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My Fiverr earnings fell down to 0

I’ve registered on Fiverr 1 year ago. I was not working anything serious until August 2013. In August I’ve created a few gigs which brought me 470$. But everything was perfect until November. Since then I have no orders. I’ve been waiting until January 1th. Since I had no orders I decided to remove my gigs and create new ones. But it did not help. 22 days now and still no orders. I removed those gigs too and I created a new gig.

This is the gig. It seems pretty well done to me. I am very disappointed and that’s why I contacted you there. To see if anyone has the same problem like mine. Thank you

all best


Hello! I’ve been a member of Fiverr for 30 days. I’m a writer and offer stories for people to enjoy. For the first two-three weeks, my Gigs received a lot of high traffic. Lately, though, things have crawled to a halt. And level status apparently doesn’t help, because I’m Level One and you’re a Level Two seller having problems. I think a fatal flaw in this experience is that once you’re off the front page, you MUST take strong control over social media. Promoting yourself outside of Fiverr seems to be the ticket, because once you’re off the front page, it becomes twice as difficult for anyone to notice you.

Promote yourself wherever you can, optimize your search tags, make sure your Gigs are in the right categories, and I wish you the very best. It can be discouraging, waiting on Buyers, but just believe everything will work out in the end. :slight_smile:

48 hours after my new gig is online and still nothing. I’m very disappointed @-)