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My Fiverr English Test

Please guys, i have already passed my Fiverr English test but i can not post my gig. Initially, i failed the test. What should i do?


Posting gig is not related to skill test. There must be a another reason. What it’s showing when you are trying to post your gig ?

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Some Gig Categories requires you to have English Test passed at 90%. So 9.0 score out of 10.

If you passed below the requirements, then you would have to try to do the test again.

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Oh, but it is. Please see what @arnukas said.

yeah i think you are right

to be fair, if you don’t have at least 90% on the fiverr english test, you would probably struggle to communicate with a majority of buyers


I had just 7.8 :expressionless: but no struggle at all !

The 90% requirement depends on the niche in which you are selling.

OP is a transcriptionist, which requires a higher degree of Engish skill to do the work accurately.


Thank you guys for your supports, my past mark is 8.8 but Fiverr is saying i should retake the test. i really dont know is it because i failed the first test? also my niche is transcription.

8.8 is not bad at all. Since there are 40 questions, 1 correctly answered question is 0.25 points (10 : 40 = 0.25). So you were just 1 correct answer away. (8.8 ~ 8.75 : 0.25 = 35 ). So 36 correctly answered questions is 9.0

You still got a chance to retake the test tomorrow. You must not fail, because if you do, you would have to wait 3 months for those 2 retaken tests to be reset.

You should practice a bit more to ensure that you won’t fail.


Thanks so much for the support.

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Refresh and try again. If it persists, go to your gigs menu and edit the gig in progress

What are you even talking about? We were discussing about Fiverr Tests, not how to properly edit the Gig.

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Many posters do not read before they commemt. I am not sure why? :thinking:

Not the first nor last time I see them writing nonsense.

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Calm down y’all. Don’t snap at people because of your own perception. No one deserves that insult. He was simply asking if his performance in the test affected his ability to post the gig

Hello Fiverr Fam. Thank you all for your contributions. I’m able to post my Gig now. I really appreciate y’all support…

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Great work, @alewainc. What score did you get this time?

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8.5/10 and thats a cool score

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