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i created my fiverr profiles in about 6 month ago. But not got impressive sale as i wish. i complete 17 orders. i want to more sale on my fiverr. What should i have to do?


You can market and promote your services to the target customers that need them, just like every other business does.


ok tell me best platforms to promote my gigs?


Those platforms where are your target audience.


can you guide me please what technique should i use to post our gigs on social media?


Its normal…Its what we call the freelancer’s feast or famine cycle…I took a look at your gigs and I saw that you sell b2b services…Always market your service on linkedin groups because most of your target audiences are business owners…


It’s not our job to do that. We told you WHAT to do but it’s your responsibility to figure out HOW to do it.

No one will solve your problems, you are the only person responsible for your own success.

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ok thank you so much for your valuable advice.


“ I Will Promote Your Fiverr Gigs Or Do Website Promotion“

This is literally title of one of your gigs. Just do what you are offering in that gig for yourself.


Also look for gurus that complement your service and partner with them because they can help you refer customers to your business


Do some things consistently

One - Promote your gigs on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn especially)
Two - Send proposals to the buyers requests.
Three - Stay online at least 8-10 hours.
Fourth - Deliver on time, avoid cancellations, deliver quality (get high ratings) etc

And the last and most important, don’t lose hope. Success comes with hard work and commitment.


ok thanks mam for your guidance.


Ok sir thank you soo much for your precious tips.

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