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My Fiverr Experience (100 orders finally completed)


I completed 100 orders finally!

I joined Fiverr last year out of boredom (17) but I didn’t sell anything until May 2018. I got constant orders pretty simply because I used a promotion method long back and after that, I kept getting orders. I recently turned 18 and completed seven months on being on Fiverr, I have completed 100 orders which I am pretty happy about. However, I have cancelled many orders (over $800) as well which is why I couldn’t get to any level but I am happy where I am.

If there is any tip for not procrastinating and completing orders on time please do let me know!

Fiverr is a pretty good platform compared to others. It makes freelancing very simple, you have your own rates, your own customers, your own timing and your own gig. Love that!

I had an amazing time buying and selling here. There were some ups and downs and just creepy messages but I got through them all thankfully. The worst and the funniest message was about a long-term customer proposing me to marry him :wink: but he got blocked :blush:

Well, Fiverr was an crazy rollercoaster ride and I hope to continue working here.


Stay away from the Fiverr Forum and Social Media. :wink:


congratulation dear for 100 orders complete.