My Fiverr Experience and Earn 6000 USD


Hello All.
I created ID on Fiverr in 2015 but start working in 2016 Nov with create a gig and got first job with five stars.then my luck is started and completed 90 jobs in month but due to some automatically completed job my profile go down . But after 1 month I maintain again and edit my GIG and then I completed more then hundred jobs with one nagative review and again my GIG goes down .

Now I earn 6000 USD but my BEST SELLER gig is not available on any page and I am waiting for any single job but nothing .

Kindly help me and suggest some Tips.

But before your TIPS.

I am using all social media platforms.
Using buyer request.
Maintain my Gig and edit.
Also contact my previous clients.


Great Story @ahmedghumro Good luck


Don’t edit your main Gig again and Again. The Fiverr is Down for All sellers you can find every a lot of peoples complaining about sales impressions issue from the last month. the Great Team of Fiverr is working on fixing these issue just wait few days.


Oh .Really ! :astonished: