My Fiverr experience and my problems


Hi there!
I am susan … i am working on fiverr from last year … almost spend a lot of time on fiverr … i earned a lot from fiverr … i want to say thank you to fiverr … but i have almost 260+ reviews and complete orders near to 350 … but my earning is decreasing day by day … i am facing a lot of problems … i have options of promoted gigs but i did not receive any order from there from last 3 months … i am really worried … if anyone know about this please help me :frowning:


hello sir i said i did not receive from my promoted gig from last 3 months … i don’t know why … and my order decreasing day by day … i was thinking i did some mistakes so i need some help from expert … if you help then thank you if you not then please do not respond like this


some times people tend to be over helpful. #mylastnightscandal.


thank you sugamlife for your suggestion … i just want to know the answer that i question but i don’t know what people are saying in this topic :frowning:


Hi Susan!

Promoted gigs seem to be a bit hit and miss - I’ve had two since they were first introduced.

Not a single order on either of them have been via ‘promoted gigs’, so I don’t think your situation with them is unique.

Have you tried promoting your gigs outside Fiverr? Have a look for a great series of posts by Eoin - just search for UPYOUR.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Same issue here. I can’t see any promoted gigs on fiverr from 3 months. Before it was showed “Ads” label on promoted gigs, But now it doesn’t work. It was Beta version, Now i think Fiverr disable it.


same here … thank you for updates dear


thank you i will try to search on this topic


you played yourself :joy: