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My Fiverr Experience Bilal


I am using fiverr since 2016 but I didn’t know much about it and once I completely left it. But since 2018, I am regular on fiverr with all my services of Social Media Promotion, Web Designing and Ads Management. But still, I have some issue with fiverr.
1- Fiverr is not ranking my gigs as it should do.
2- I have completed 3 orders this year only not more than that even if my gig is appearing on the first page of the Fiverr’s Search Engine with the keyword “Facebook Promotion”.
3- I am online 24x7 but still my impression rate is going down. On day it goes up and the other it goes down.

I don’t know why this all is happening but still fiverr is one the best platforms for freelancing as it is the easiest of all in case of projects and use. Love Fiverr :slight_smile:


hello @bilaltufailkhan try to share your gigs on social media as much as you can beside add a GIG video on your gig because fiverr says that a gig with gig video boost 200 time more than a ordinary one. And try to send minumum 8 buyer request a day.
Hope that this tips will help you to get order :blush:
Best of luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Ruhul Tusar