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My Fiverr Experience In 2021

Hello My All-Loving Sellers,

I am not new but also not an old seller. But I am the seller of June 2020. When I am new on the marketplace. I have many orders and I am so happy. The main problem is that our teacher teaches us that please open an account on Fiverr. Then you learn anything and open your gig. This is a totally wrong idea.

First Learn Then Earn…This is my idea. I know maximum people avoid my topic. But it was true and you feel that after some days. Please don’t be foolish. Because when you create an account on Fiverr without any skill then the problem is facing our old seller. Because Fiverr always support the new sellers. Which is a big problem for our old competitors. You have no idea about Marketing but you create an account then the problem was you give the fake marketing. You have an order and earn. Because Fiverr support you. Then your work like a fake and buyers also trusted and they go to the other marketplace. Please once again I told you, everyone. First Learn Then Earn. Now I learn more because I believe that I am one day succeed.

Example: Me

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I agree with you.