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My fiverr experience in two and half month, Completed 24 order , with 18 review

Hi, Every one I have a nice experience in fiverr just two and half month.
Meet many kind of people in different reason though most of them are from USA. My statistics

Completed 24 order , with 18 review.
Cancel 1
Running order 4

What I get form fiverr in those days?

– Skill is must for every one
– But one thing if you don’t grow communication skill this will make barrier in your fiverr order.
– Try to manage buyer from buyer request with attractive keyword what buyer leave in his request.
– Also make communication with buyers those gave you already order and impressed with your work.
– Overall try to satisfy your buyer within authentic requests.

If those experience help some one than I will be happy.
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many many congratulations…

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Congratulations :tada::tada::tada::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks brother for your appreciate.

most welcome…

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Congrats man! Btw, may I ask you how to get clients to reach you? I’ve been here for years and still got zero client.

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Same here.

People say communicate well but if people refuse to engage in the first place, it matters not if I am The Queen or Kanye in my manner as I have no ability to create any sort of relationship - good or bad, professional or scruffy.

It always seems to me that there is some indefinable thing that some people have and others don’t but if you don’t have it, no amount of skills in your profession will help as you just aren’t going to get chosen.

Happy to hear otherwise.


This is exactly what I thought. I’m still confused of what I missed, what should I do to make my gig stands out and reach out the clients among millions other out there.

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thanks for this help

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Congratulations on your achievement.

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I believe that you deserve…congratulation.

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Thanks you can share your experience in fiverr what to got with your buyer conversation.

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Most of the time I get buyer from buyer request. But I get knock a few from direct message. Try to convert them.

Thanks @ahmadfarazswl @enamul_mkt & @zoomstar for your nice comment.
Pray for me & hope this evaluation can get a level. That is the dream for a new freelancer.

Hi @benedictrm

Actually first communication is when buyer knock you try to convert with a short note.
2nd one is if your buyer done a project & tell you I will landing some project in future then you should keep in touch with him. Which is work in my case. I get order a lot from my buyer.