My fiverr experience so far: zero


I’m not complaining. I understand I have to improve my gigs and so I have been doing so. My gigs impressions, views and clicks grow a little every day, but still no sale and no contact from buyers.

I guess there are so many sellers in my area of work…

Seller. That word kind of bothers me. I have always been a creative artist but a terrible ‘seller’. That’s my weak point and which I am trying to improve. I kind of had the illusion that Fiverr would be the ‘seller’ while I do the creative work but it seems I have to take still more steps forward into the Selling business to get a start.

Or maybe I am just a creative oldtimer trying to find my way into the new world. Will this work out, I wonder?


When I saw you gig video, I came back again to see what you wrote here. Now I am like wow and lol. Sorry to bother you but seriously, be more original. There are lots of intro video gigs that are 99% creative than yours and they are providing 5 intros for $5. Why on earth will they choose your’s when there are thousands of intro gigs that are really professional.


Did you imply that you created the logo as your profile image?

This is you:

And this is what I found:

You clearly would not be successful by copying other peoples work and presenting them as your own.
Clarify :wink:

:bulb: Joe