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My Fiverr experience so far 😌

Hello, I just want to use this platform to express my gratitude towards Fiverr. I have been able to get some some small projects in December and the experience has been phenomenal. I realized how much I love writing. By being able to do something you love and being rewarded financially is the cherry on the top. With new year approaching I hope to serve more customers with my writing skills and I am hoping 2020 is going to bring some exciting projects my way.
Happy New year :tada: to the Fiverr users !!!

If anyone is looking for a content writer have a look at my gig:

Hi! Congrats on starting out your Fiverr experience!

Just a quick question - based on the pricing of your gigs, it seems someone would be able to purchase your standard option of 1,000 words of content writing with 1 day delivery as an extra for £20, yet your premium option costs £24 for 500 words and one day delivery with no differences to the standard package at all except 1 additional revision? Just wanted to point this out as it seems like it may have been a mistake, since your standard option gives double the content for a cheaper price when compared to the premium option and I wasn’t sure if this was intentional. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing it out. I will review the gigs. I characterized them when I started with Fiverr. Have been providing custom offer based the requirements so far. So the original ones have not been revised for long.