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My fiverr Experience. What I think about Fiverr customer support service!


I believe everyone both sellers and buyers deserve the best of services.

But these questions I’ve asked myself over again why fiverr support only favor the buyers and disregards the sellers.
What’s your thought about a service that doesn’t care about the sellers feelings but go ahead to cancel even completed projects with excellent buyers reviews without a notice to sellers about Buyer’s complain? Why will a support service cancel completed orders with buyers review and huge worth? Does this customer support only favor the buyers and disregards the sellers even after working tirelessly to complete projects for buyers who just need refund after the project is completed and has served their intended purpose?
I think fiverr need to review their customer support if it’s ok or they’re just doing it to keep the buyers who may not even make another sale for a whole lot of time and then treats sellers who are working tirelessly and for many years to earn a living and with their own 20%.
Don’t you think this support should be considered?
A lot of sellers here are only working per time just to support their full time job while others are working full time. Still, I think sellers too should be valued and treated with respect for their services. If sellers aren’t here, fiverr won’t serve its purpose and buyers too. Everyone is important and should be treated such. And for buyers who will only need refund after completing their project and serving its purpose, consider again if you’re doing your best.


you can’t blame support guys because they do always right from their perspective :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smile:


After all you’re working at FIVERR KINGDOM and fiverr do charge 20% on you for run this MARKETPLACE KINGDOM. King is always right. So you’ve to follow all fiverr rules and terms.