My Fiverr experience with obtaining a logo design


Well, I’m not exactly new to fiverr, but heres my most recent experience. I contacted a deisgner who had samples of their work on fiverr. They had decent reviews as well. I messaged the seller, and sent images of work I was looking to get done. They assured me on several occasions they could deliver. I even bought their “premium package”. Well after 3 revisions, the designer still hasn’t delivered. I sent them 10 sample pics, and detailed my industry of work to them. I start looking at the samples described on their page and start to recognize logos and fonts belonging to mainstream artists that they didn’t design themselves. That is bad business. So now, Im still searching for that “custom name logo”.


Contact Fiverr’s support team and explain the issue in detail for them.


Thank you. I did that. I don’t appreciate people who do business like that. Its like they assure you they can do something, but in reality they can’t.


You can contact us. Let’s discuss. We can help you with your logo design. Pay us after you are satisfied.