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My son was kidnapped from his school on January 11, 2017 by my own daughter, his half-sister who is also a lawyer for DCF, Department of Family Service, after I exposed with heartbreak my daughter’s abuse of power as she tried to adopt a little girl from her own private pool of foster children only the baby she wanted HAD PARENTS! I couldn’t stand by and watch my child break the very law she swore to uphold and ruin a family by taking their beautiful baby girl BECAUSE SHE COULD!

Caitlin Cavness Engstrand and her AI lawyer husband Carl Engstrand owner of ALG the largest AI law firm in Arizona and now Phoenix power couple under 30, had more money than sense certain even a baby could be yours if you can out lawyer the parents. When we lost Lily THEIR REVENGE WAS TO TAKE MY SON FROM ME!

George was 14 and had been in my sole custody since my divorce in 2013. Happy, healthy and growing up so fast, the love of my life. George was the youngest of our four children. Born legally blind, George needed me more than my students when his disability became known. I retired from teaching high school to be the full-time mom and teacher George could only benefit from as he thrived in school and Boy Scouts and his hobby of blogging on social media.

Caitlin knew as a third party her chance at taking George from his home stood at ZERO as DCS would have never taken him just because Caitlin asked them to! So my daughter went across the street with her husband and their new lawyer and with only a well told lie to Judge Pamela Svoboda who Caitlin knew through her work with the Public Defenders Office AND WITH NO EVIDENCE as lawyers don’t need to prove they are truthful and these three don’t have to follow Family Court Rules of Procedure, IN MINUTES AND OFF THE RECORD MY SON WAS HANDED OVER EX PARTE TO HIS CONNIVING SISTER.

I could not afford a lawyer and went into Family Court pro se facing a dream team and an unscrupulous Judge.

Tommorow will be four years. I haven’t seen my son smile or heard his sweet voice since I kissed him goodbye that morning before school, not knowing it would be our last. Greif I’ve been living with in a pain so dark and deep, no words have yet to be invented to explain what my heartbreak feels like.

As a blogger myself, I took my case to social media and told every detail of the ugly truth naming all the lawyers and judges who allowed this act of child abuse to continue. Family Court Judge Kevin Wein rotated to the Svoboda bench and continued the complete destruction of my due process.

A gag order was placed in our case ONLY ON ME as the Constitution and my First Amendment right as an American threatened my son-in-laws thriving accident injury practice, my daughters position with DCS and the State Bar of Arizona and the Judicial Review received formal complaints about every member of their club who were threatening me with CRIMINAL CONTEMPT AS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL WAS CALLED IN TO PROSECUTE. NOW THEY WERE ALL GUILTY OF CRIMINAL EXTORTION IN THE FAMILY COURT WHEN JAIL IS USED AS A THREAT TO GAIN THE UPPER HAND FOR A PARTY IN A CIVIL MATTER.

On December 4, 2018 a Criminal Trial was held in Judge Kevin Wein’s Family Court fInding me guilty of Criminal Contempt and in handcuffs I was taken from the courtroom to jail. I SERVED 6 MONTHS FLAT TIME IN THE MARICOPA COUNTY JAIL ON A MISDEMEANOR CONTEMPT CHARGE. I AM THE ONLY PERSON TO EVER BE CONVICTED AND SENTENCED TO JAIL TIME FOR CONTEMPT IN THE FAMILY COURT FOR VIOLATING A GAG ORDER!

My release in June of 2019 with PTSD made my world and even more painful place. But my son George was still being held by the same people who put me behind bars and I had to get him home.

My blog soared in popularity and we added a Sunday show to Blogtalkradio where my case and the crimes against children by the Arizona Court system with names of every criminal called out in a lengthy list of lawyers and judges and state officials and state agencies. By October I was back in court and Judge Kevin Wein again promised me he’d send me back to jail if I continued to redress the wrongs of my government including my daughter and son-in-law
and his Honor. October also brought a birthday for George as I mailed him a card telling him how much I loved him and missed him and how proud I was of him. The week after my son’s third birthday without me, the Attorney General brought new Criminal Contempt charges against me after the birthday card was turned over to AG Special Agent Scott Hirsch for fingerprints and Grand Jury subpoenas were served to every social media platform were I had an account. NOT ONE GAVE THE AG ANY INFORMATION but I never made myself anything but completely transparent online with nothing to hide when you’re telling the truth. No secret to the birthday card I signed Love, Mama xoxo.

Covid-19 shut down Arizona and the courts in March 2020. My trial delayed until the Family Court of ONLY JUDGE WEIN OPENED FOR ONLY MY TRIAL ON DECEMBER 4, 2020.

My judge jury and executioner again KEVIN WEIN. I refused to take the plea of admitting only responsibility for what was my right as an American and a mother. My guilty verdict to serve 40 days in the Covid-19 quarantine of Maricopa County Jail as my punishment. Again the Family Court turned into a Criminal Courtroom with Judge Wein wearing his Criminal Court and Family Court robe together with no clear rules of procedure followed at trial or sentencing. Off to jail in handcuffs from his courtroom where my health and age made me a high risk for this pandemic virus since last year now a death sentence if I became ill while sitting in jail where the healthcare is almost non-existent. Judge Wein could not care less as he was now playing God.

I walked out of jail on December 29th and have a horror story to tell about the inhumane conditions 130 girls I lived with will continue to endure as their right to due process doesn’t exist during closed courts while they sit waiting to see a judge week after week in pandemic postponements with Pubic Defenders not answering their phone calls looking for hope for their freedom as panic of catching their death behind bars takes over. No newspaper, no news on the TV and the MCSO on every shift keep quite about the world outside with rumors now spoken as knowledge create more cruel and unusual incarceration for these scared girls. The weekends bring hunger into the panic with only two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Saturday and two on Sunday with an rotten apple and a milk the size you remember from elementary school all served in a sack 16 hours apart. You learn to swallow out of hunger while threats come from DO’s of tossing beds to take what you don’t eat in the one hour you have to choke it down per MCSO rulebook. Girls eat out of the garbage by Sunday in a scene from a mother’s worst nightmare about her daughter in trouble.

My blog will tell this mother’s clear view off all of it from bunk 117. Will I go back to hell for exposing Arizona’s dirty little secret where our sister’s, daughter’s and mother’s are cast like garbage THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT? I AM WILLING TO TAKE THAT CHANCE.

George turned 18 last October. I sent him a card and my love again. George doesn’t have a driver’s license, he can’t ride a bike and he has not finished high school entering adulthood completely dependent on his sister just as she planned. George is one surgery away from the freedom his 20/40 vision would allow had his sister taken him to his scheduled procedure in the Spring of 2018. George doesn’t remember his last visit to the pediatric eye surgeon 4 years ago when we heard his doctors 80% success rate with this new surgery we only dreamed of when he was diagnosed at birth. George isn’t allowed to talk about life with his mom, key to successful parental alienation…ask Caitlin. What happened to his mom? Why didn’t she come get him? Where is his dog? His room, his toys? What did she tell him when he asked her for the 100th time? It had to terrify my young man who otherwise would have ran away from that house where Carl Engstrand beats the hell out of his sister to keep her in the lifestyle she can’t live without now just as sick as her husband. George protected Caitlin from Carl once. She sent him home telling him not to tell mom. He didn’t have to. I saw it in I his horrified face when he came home screaming at me why he never wanted to visit her home again.

DCS and the court of Judge Wein have all been made aware of my son’s continued blindness at the hands of his battered sister. Nothing has been done to save him. No one cares about my little boy now a young man who deserves everything his sister enjoyed in an education that made her a lawyer and a world of freedom beyond her front door with two cars in the driveway to take her away from that house that holds George prisoner. Like jail.

I swear, under the penalty of perjury, the forgoing is true and correct, so help me God.

Laura A. Cavness

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