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My fiverr gig blocked


Who could help here?
My main selling fiverr gig on article writing was suddenly blocked by fiverr citing the reason of fiverr not being in support of gigs that help people do their college assignments. My gig isn’t really related to that niche and besides there are a number of gigs on fiverr about helping with assignments.
I was asked to tweak it before it is returned live, I’ve done so, removing things I felt could be red flags but no result.
Has this happened to any one on here? Any advice?


There appears to be a new rule against offering services for anything that could be turned in by students as their own work. My suggestion would be to contact Customer Support and ask them for advice. So far, the forum only has anecdotal info.


Sorry to hear that, but as a Teacher, good on Fiverr!


Still explaining the issue to fiverr Customer support will may bring it back. Please don’t make it too late, goto

I am sure you’ll get some better help.


Alright thanks. I appreciate each of your contributions. It seems the gig has been returned live.