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My Fiverr GiG disappeared from search pages

Hello Seniors,

Suddenly impressions of my gig dropped from 1k+ to 70, then 27 now this time these are at 15. The gig was ranking on the top page till December 31 2020, but now it is not in search from December 31 2020. However I have contacted with fiverr support and they show your gig is active and visible on title and all tags. I have received orders only from some my previous clients.

PLEASE tell me what is happened and how long it will take to recover the same position again??

What should I do to recover.


“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.


Same Happened with me me and its more than a month


Same happened to me. But it’s just rotation.


I now fiverr gig rotation policy. But here is Some thing different. My gig was at top and sometimes it used to down but with in the fiverr search pages. After December 31 It disappeared from all pages. Gig is not in any searching tags and tile too.

So impressions are 8, 10 or maximum 16. Before these used to be 1000+, 800 or minimum 400+.

I think this is some serious bug in fiverr or Fiverr knows it and don’t want to solve.


I was also faced this problem. Stay touched with fiver forum. Share your gig in social media. It will help you to rank your gig again.


It’s nothing but a Fiverr gig rotation system


There are millions of gigs on Fiverr.

Obviously there are a lot of new sellers and they remove some of the well-performing gigs to provide access to others in search. This has already happened to me 4 times in the past 30 days, they remove me and then add back in search…

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I also have the same problem. Does anyone know what to do for this?

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Same Happened with me me and its more than 3 months

Same here! This is a struggling situation because I have 200+ positive reviews on my gig, and I am on page 12 of my category while sellers with 3-4 reviews are on the top three pages…

I am facing the same issue. But it will be back soon. Just Stay active on fiverr and respond fast to your clients. Share your gig on Social media to earn some impressions.

This used to happen with me all the time but now from 1st January 2021, I’m out of search completely. My gig can be found on tags that barely anyone searches. From 3k impressions to 100 and only repeated buyers. I see that there are many new sellers on the first page, maybe it’s gig rotation but it’s very frustrating because you don’t know when or IF you will be back.

Did you edit the gig?

Mine is being rotated as well. It’s sad to see 3 digit clicks become single digit.

I’m not concerned because more people are texting me… but they are all weird prospects, none converted. Translation for a gambling website, frauds, highly sophisticated journal (beyond my comprehension) and a short 10 basic words (which I translated for free).

I don’t have new orders for days now. :pleading_face:

Same here! Its rotation.

I can agree with that. They are putting me back once in a while, I get some orders and they remove me. As far as my experience goes, if you have consistent work and receive good reviews, they bring you back. If you barely have orders, then the amount of time spent in the back increases quite a bit.

The thing is that I had like 30 orders after the rotation and 60% of them with 5 stars and nothing… Very demotivating.

Low season for me too. Single digit clicks but more people inbox me than usual… but all not converted. :roll_eyes:

No I didn’t edit the gig.