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My fiverr gig down

Need some suggestions To improve my fiverr gig.
This gig :


Your Fiverr gig is doing great!!

You have over 100 reviews and you currently have 1 order in queue.

I don’t really see what’s wrong lol!


In the gig description:
Maybe change “i will”
Maybe change “a total dedication to the costumer”

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change “More than one revisions” in answer 5.

If someone reviews saying there was a Fiverr watermark on a logo, maybe add a public reply to it, eg. explaining how Fiverr adds that until the order is accepted/complete.

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old buyer 1 order queue …I haven’t been able to get a new client for 5/6 months

Hello dear. Same like you. Thank you.

How do you have an order in queue from 6 months ago?