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My fiverr gig got a huge number of views and clicks, the next day there were none

Hey everyone. A few days a ago my gig got a crazy amount of views and clicks, the next day there were none, and the day after that i got 1 click and three views. I never changed anything about my gig either. Is this a glitch or how do i fix this?

My gig has been getting a pretty decent stream of views and clicks before this, I dont know what happened :confused:

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New sellers get a very short-term temporary boost in impressions. My guess is that you’re no longer considered new.

That happens usually when your gig is at the top of recommended gigs in your category. It can last from days to weeks usually and happens every 1-2 years from my experience.

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Oh cool. glad its not gonna be for too long. Hopefully my gig will get higher soon. Thanks for the help

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